7 common sex mistakes men do

7 common sex mistakes men do


Experience is useful, but it is not the only thing you need when it comes to sex issues. Even men who are sexually experienced make many mistakes. Read below what are the 7 common sex mistakes men do according to Athens escorts.

1. They assume they know how to please a woman

There are new sexual experiences with every sexual partner. Women’s sexuality is complex and individualized. Every woman’s body reacts differently to stimuli. The anatomy itself is different in every woman, after all. Something that is suitable for one woman is not necessarily suitable for another.

When it comes to sex it is very important to pay attention to body language. Does she like fast? Or is it too late? What is the combination that will satisfy her?

Also, there is no sexual attitude that is absolute among women. Everyone wants a specific attitude for different reasons. So let her choose, because that way you will adjust the entry angle the way she likes best.

2. They do not talk enough about sex

Many couples seek the help of experts to talk about sex. Needless to say, this would not have happened if the two partners had talked on their own. Men often do not know how to use the right words at the right time. You need to start talking.

Ask short and clear questions. What excites you the most? Do you like this or that? It is not something complicated and it will bring you closer to understanding what she likes, but also to let her understand what you like.

Many men believe that during sex they should be quiet, but this is far from the truth. Many women are ashamed to start talking during sex. To find out what they like, start by asking some tricky questions. Another issue is obscenities that are taboo for many couples. If you are unfamiliar with them and want to try them with your partner you need to be sure before you do.

3. They go out of context

Men often forget that for women sex is much more than the act itself. But if they do not feel connected to the woman having sex, sex will not be so good. A woman will not relax easily in sex if she is not relaxed and emotional.

Your recent behavior will follow you to bed. Preliminaries should start long before physical contact, because the woman may still be thinking about what you did last week, or the day before. Also, men often do not propose sexual intercourse at the right time. Women often complain that their partner insists on sex, at times when for them it is the last thing that comes to mind.

4. They see it as something that needs to be done

Men often consider sex as a mission. Arousal, foreplay, penetration, all in the service of achieving the main goal which is none other than orgasm. This is wrong for many reasons and one of them is that sex can and should be good, regardless of orgasm. Kissing and touching are also sex.

Orgasm should not be taken as the only goal, because there are times when an orgasm is not going to happen even in men. This is perfectly normal and orgasm should not be considered the only priority.

Some men get upset if their partner does not orgasm, while at the same time women often complain that their partner puts too much pressure on them to try to orgasm.

Remember that orgasm is not the only sexual pleasure for women. Of course it is ideal to end sex with orgasm of both, but women do not consider sex bad if they do not reach orgasm, or at least do not think that disaster has come. Some women, after all, simply can not reach natural orgasm, if they have already recently had someone.

5. They think that themselves alone are enough

Many women are interested in foreplay and many men are beginning to feel threatened because they believe that their penis is the only thing women need to be satisfied.

A vibrator can provide intense and continuous stimulation in areas that women like. Many women need this type of arousal to reach orgasm. This does not mean that it is bad, wrong or strange. Sex toys offer a new level of sexual activity. Get in the habit of using and enjoying them.

6. The clitoris is not a bell

Most men can not understand the function of the clitoris and some do not even know where it is. The clitoris is not a οπο button whose compression excites women.

Many times it is internal. What you may see as a button is a gland, the clitoral gland. It fills with blood and swells when a woman is aroused and often overly sensitive to touch.

Most women do not like stimulation directly in the gland. Most would like to be touched by the surrounding areas to be aroused. After all, many women cannot orgasm from vaginal sex alone, which is why clitoral stimulation is so important to them.

7. You compare your sex life

Many men do not take numbers realistically. What they hear or read can encourage them or lead them to despair. In the latter case, they feel bad and hopeless. They make comparisons with their friends and are convinced that everyone else’s numbers are higher than their own. But this is far from the truth.

Frequency numbers in sex depend on the age and status of the relationship. Many years of relationships and marriage are normal to have smaller numbers than couples who have only been together for a few months.

Age is also an important factor. Studies have shown that men’s interest in sex decreases every decade after the age of thirty, but this does not mean that sex becomes bad.

Think about what you perceive as more or less because everything is relative, escort call girls say. Sex twice a week seems great when you are alone, but little when you are in a relationship. But if you have children and you are a decade or more with your partner it seems too much.

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